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Davines Melu Heat sheild

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Davines Melu Heat Sheild


Heat protectant for styling

Heat protecting shield, it effectively protects the hair from heat stresses caused by straighteners and blow driers.

Ideal for protecting all types of hair from stress caused by straightener or blow dryer. The Melu spray effectively protects the hair from heat stresses.

Directions: Evenly apply strand by strand to dry or damp hair before using straightener or blow dryer. Do not rinse off.

On towel dried hair, apply 5-10 sprays. Then comb through and follow with your desired styling products.

It protects the hair structure from heat and from the stress of hot tools.
Conditioning antistatic action.
Soft and shiny hair.
Natural active ingredients.

Additional Info
Obtained with 100% clean energy. Zero impact, essential and recyclable packaging.
We recommend using the whole family of products together, the Melu range is beautiful - Elasticizing anti-breakage shampoo for long or damaged hair. Its formula, characterized by a soft and creamy foam, is designed to gently cleanse the hair, making it shiny and silky.
Also the Oi range or Dede range would be a beautiful compliment to this beautiful heat sheild product. to help it do exactly what its designed to do.